About ENOP

ENOP is the European Network of Organizational Psychologists. Founded in 1981, its aim has always been to bring together professors of Work and Organizational Psychology from across Europe to promote the subject within Europe and beyond. This includes the promotion of education and research activity.

Over the years, activities to achieve its aims have included the promotion of the subject in Eastern Europe, the development of a number of summer schools for PhD students from across Europe and a series of workshops on topics in areas such as new technology and health. ENOP has played a central role in developing a framework for a European-wide syllabus for teaching Work and Organizational Psychology and an Erasmus Mundus Masters Programme involving a number of European countries. Members of ENOP were instrumental in founding EAWOP (The European association of Work and Organizational Psychology) which has taken on some of its activities in the field of research and provision of summer schools and small workshops.

ENOP is a legal association operating as an informal network through which members organise activities and participate in the development of the field. These activities include organization of conferences and workshops, editorial work and assessment of national and international developments in the field. Initially it received generous financial and administrative support from the French Maison des Sciences de l’Homme but more recently has operated through a modest subscription arrangement.

The one more formal activity is an annual symposium, normally held in Paris, where members come together to discuss an agreed topic of general interest to the development of Work and Organizational Psychology and to discuss issues of mutual interest. Membership of ENOP is by invitation from among full professors. Numbers from each country are limited to a maximum of two or three and an attempt is made to involve members from as many European countries as possible.

ENOP Statuts – Here you can download the file in pdf format.